Untitled Dialogue

Ziyad Ziko McLean ’18 & Andre Sanchez ’18, 2017


We usher new life into the world

nurture the growth of little boys and girls

deliver the sick from death’s door to wholeness once more.

Even with all the good we bring forth

faith always takes control at the final door.

And tests our efforts forevermore.

Years and years have had their toil

and the kid in us would not recognize what stands before

because of the things we can’t do, the lives we can do nothing for.

To fulfill the recovery of the sick

is to sometimes take an occupation

as the messenger from death’s door.

Some illnesses you can’t stop,

you present the news to the family and their heart stops

And as you search for an answer in yourself you ask:

“But what am I good for?”




have come to know

that my days are fleeting,

my flower weakens

as an immortal chill nears,

the fruit of life

now sour, far from ripe,

remains constantly out of my reach,

and yet

the flowers glow with a brighter hue,

my love grows with each day anew

knowing that I will soon be due,

And as my stem bends

I will return to the Earth

once again.

Image credit: Richard Watkins / AJC

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